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Hello, Hi, Welcome, Akwaba, Ek'abo, Karibu, Bonjour, Ni Hao

From Africa...

We understand that the African story has changed, the landscape has become more refined and Africa is booming...Welcome to EPG Media a platform dedicated to sharing stories and shining the light on the aspirations and affluence of the African diaspora.

The Estate is now enjoyed by more than 15,000 high newt worth (HNW) readers, celebrating stories of triumph from sun kissed heroes and heroines championing progress, African and Afrocentric influencers refining Africa, innovators disrupting industry and common paths for a greater good.

We are meeting the needs of the African Diaspora, celebrating its culture and the positive effects from around the world; how we live, who we are, where we travel and how we fuse with our surroundings; what we eat, listen to, watch and who inspires the next generation.

The diaspora are part of a growing aspirational and affluent community with goals that are being met by so many inside and outside of the African continent. The wealth within Africa is unquantifiable as Chief Thinker Joseph Farodoye of the Estate explains -

"Africa continues to influence the world and is a staple part of the modern diet, this has increased with the adoption of African Movies, Music, Fashion and Food into popular culture. The wealth of this new generation is being invested and spent in the luxury boutiques of Knightsbridge - London, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront - Cape Town, Avenue Montaigne - Paris, Sky Gallery Mall - Luanda - Angola, Fifth Avenue - New York, Via Monenapoleone - Milan and this will continue to grow. The African Diaspora is now sending more than $60 Billion a year in remittance back home to Africa and more people are considering making land and real estate investments to help secure a stack in Africa's continued rise."

The Estate magazine immerses itself in Property, People, Culture, Travel and Lifestyle, guiding and influencing readers on trends before they happen.

Thought-provoking, relevant and always influential, The Estate Magazine is your gateway to connecting with African Luxury and its advocates, globally.

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