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Jay Z and Diddy

Championing Black Excellence

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Nothing is more powerful than agreement and collaboration, when I see two of Hip Hop's biggest superstars come together for a common good, the results are destined to be astronomical.

Jay-Z, is now worth over $900,000,000 and Diddy comes in a close second with, $85o,000,000 that's a combined total of $1.75 Billion, serious money. The relationship between these two moguls has always been fruitful but the media has always tried to pitch one (brother) against the next to create a degree of competitiveness. But we see you... Now regardless of, whether you like their music or their on screen personas, a lesson is to be learnt and I hope that African and Black business people all over the world will learn from this example and unite in the spirit of Black Excellence.

Jay Z

Shaun Corey Carter aka, Jay Z has had an impressive business career from the creation of Roc-A- Fella Records, he went on to become owner of the 40/40 Club and co-creator of the Rocawear clothing line. He has also acted as the president of Def Jam Recordings and is the founder of the Roc Nation entertainment company, as well as creating its spin-off, Roc Nation Sports, where Jay-Z is a licensed sports agent.

In the first quarter of 2015, Aspiro was acquired by Jay-Z owned holding company Project Panther Bidco, they went on to change the name of Aspiro to TIDAL, a subscription-based music streaming service that combines lossless audio and high-definition music videos with exclusive content and special features on music. TIDAL is now based in 52 counties around the world and counting. Sprint, a US telecommunications company recently acquired 33% for $200 Million.

Diddy, P Diddy

Sean Combs aka Diddy, is enjoying a long successful music career with Bad Boy Records, he formulated Combs Enterprises, an umbrella company, to house his portfolio of businesses including his clothing line, Sean John. He later opened Justin's a restaurant named after his son. Diddy agreed to help develop the Cîroc vodka brand for a 50 percent share of the profits and then acquired the Enyce clothing line from Liz Claiborne for $20 million. In more recent years Diddy acquired a major equity stake in Revolt TV, a television network that also has a film production arm. Diddy teamed up with actor Mark Wahlberg and businessman Ronald Burkle of Yucaipa companies to purchase a majority holding in Aquahydrate, a calorie-free beverage for athletes and his latest brain child is in development.

I don't know about you, but in my humble opinion, these entrepreneurial stripes have been well and truly earned. With more than two decades of solid entrepreneurship under their belts outside of the comfort zone of music, both of these men, have stayed relevant and at the forefront of their industry. Staying relevant is crucial to longevity in any business and being a Black business owner, operating in the Black and ethnic sphere is even more difficult, presenting its own unique set of problems.

Despite all of this, Jay-z and Diddy coming together to help connect the Black community is a clear message to Black and ethnic minorities globally... Its time to unite in business, for the world to benefit! We can work together but don't abandon your business head! Don't abandon your principles or drop your standards and don't be pessimistic and make your potential partner or colleague jump through too many hoops. Remember Black people do business with each other all over the world in environments where they are the dominant race and thrive. The truth of the matter is, when you have identified the right person, colour is not a factor.

We have been conditioned in the UK, US and Western society to suspect and expect the worst from each other as Black and African people, but we are often the people pushing the stereotype...this is nonsense and it must stop. Guys, the fact remains, Black people are the largest consumer group in the world...Fact! So no matter your opinion, its a market only a fool would ignore. 


Sources have revealed that work on the 'Black Excellence' project has begun, the business will be a software app that connects black business in the local area you are present in. I am hoping that this isn't only going to be limited to the US...guys? We are connected to so many entrepreneurs that would be very keen to get on a platform like this, including The Estate and would pay for the privilege. This is a solid concept and would rival an Alibaba or Amazon or even Ebay if executed right.

There are a lot of commercial giants who really don't want to see something like this happen, lets face it, it would impact their bottom line and cut into their profit! This is why I am getting behind this initiative, let us all begin to show our support and push for this to happen. We understand that the lack of economical empowerment has been an issue. In order for there to be a real change in the global community, we need to share more stories of success, travel more to Africa and parts of the world inhabited by our brothers and sisters, uncover historic secrets deeply embedded in our communities and refrain from hunger and poverty being the base of the decision making process in our environments.

Cutting a Long Story Short

Now for all of you reading this that are not Black, Afrocentric or African, this also helps you! 

Why...because when people can connect to a more positive self image and connect to products, services and people that are progressively building a community, everyone wins. Besides, we all know you enjoy our culture, food, music, movies, creativity and company. With companies like this in place all of these things will only improve over time.

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Combs. 


Mr Carter, Mr Combs, I salute you... The Estate salutes you.


Written by, Joseph Farodoye Chief Thinker - The Estate

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