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Top Understated Restaurants in London

Romulo Cafe & Restaurant Kensington | Food Review

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Hi, I am Joseph Farodoye, thanks for visiting. I will be reviewing some of the best understated restaurants in London. Stay up to date and on the pulse as we dine at some of the best kept secrets in the city.

Name of Restaurant: Romulo Cafe & Restaurant

Location: 343 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6NW

Cuisine: East Asian and Filipino

Social Media Links: Instagram @romulocafelondon

Overall Rating: 4 star **** (This overall rating is out of a maximum number of 5 and takes into account a number of factors as listed below)

Service 5 | Atmosphere 4 | Decor 3.5 | Cleanliness 4 | Food Presentation 4.5 | Food Taste 4.5 | Staff 4 | Price ££ (*Moderate)

Romulo Cafe & Restaurant takes South East Asian cuisine and fuses it with Spanish and American influences, this is all wrapped up in Filipino hospitality which creates a winning recipe and a great evening out.

The unassuming exterior of Romulo Cafe & Restaurant can leave you unaware of its depth and unsure of its Filipino heritage however, this restaurant has a high pedigree and firm connection to Filipino cuisine and history. As one of four restaurants and the only one beyond the Philippines, this Kensington establishment follows three well-established existing Romulo restaurants which are all located in the Metro Manila area in the heart of the city. The restaurant is the brainchild of the grand children of Carlos P Romulo who was a Pulitzer prize-winner and the Philippine Ambassador to the USA and former President of the UN General Assembly.

The food as a result keeps in tune with the high standards and didn’t disappoint. The combination of good wine tentative service and a beautifully executed fusion of dishes made eating here a pure joy.

At first glance the choices seemed simple but when the food arrived, the presentation and taste was amazing. As a pescatarian I am often limited to choices on the menu, but the friendly staff were on hand to guide me in making some great choices.

We enjoyed a range of starters including, chilli king prawns sautéed in olive oil marinated in coconut milk and lobster sauce, tuna and calamari followed by seabass

The cooking is best described as South East Asian food with Spanish and American influences.

📸Food Pictured

1: Flying Fish Talapia

2: Calamansi Cured Tuna Ceviche

3: Char Grilled Stuffed Squid


In one word, I would sum up Romulo Cafe & Restaurant as ‘Understated’, this is a definite must on your restaurants to visit list!

Thank you for reading this review, feel free to share with friends and colleagues I look forward to sharing more on The Best Understated Restaurants in London.

Written by Joseph Farodoye for The Estate part of EPG Media

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