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When is a house not a home?

The next revolution in luxury living

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It's fair to say that we all love big, beautiful, expensive mansions, with luscious features like, seafront views, electronic gates, long drive ways, butlers quarters, infinity pools, wine cellars and the all important, must have...helipad, but these features all come with a massive price tag...right? This is changing as modern advancements in architecture, construction and modularization are reducing the time and massive labour costs associated with production, making the processes faster and more efficient.

As you know The Estate is always on the cutting edge of advancements in luxury, and we have researched some of the biggest and best architects, developers and construction companies around the world. There are a few areas of discussion that keep reoccurring: sustainability, cost reduction and modularization. The definition of modularisation is:

'a method that can be employed during the product development process to create innovative products that customers love, while keeping production costs low.

This is illustrated well in modular homes, these are essentially, pre-fabricated buildings which in our modern times have been taken to a new and larger scale. Pre-fabrication goes back over a hundred years, it started gaining popularity early in the 20th century. The end of World War II caused the modular market to truly expand and evolve. All of the returning soldiers came back to America looking to buy a home and start a family. This demand for homes was greater than the market supply could handle using the traditional building process. This led people to look for solutions to increase efficiency and lower the cost of new home construction.

Nordic and German engineering have helped to add a more diverse range and efficient process of design and delivery changing the landscape. Homes have now become more luxurious, eco friendly and design led. On my travels, I have stumbled across the next wave in advancement in modular housing and it stems from a different part of the world...the Philippines. Introducing Revolution Precrafted a company forging a new way forward in modular housing and prefabrication. Revolution Precrafted is the brain child of innovator and revolutionary Robbie Antonio a property tycoon based in the Philippines. Robbie has built some of the most prestigious buildings in Manila as well as other landmark developments across Asia.

With 80 of the worlds leading designers and architects under global exclusivity, Robbie's vision is crystal clear as the entrepreneur explains. That’s the idea behind the first unicorn - a start-up with a $1 billion valuation – to emerge from the Philippines.

Imagine if you could select your luxury home from a catalogue and have it delivered, in the same way you’d choose a sofa from Ikea.

Established in December 2015, Revolution Precrafted is a global supplier of prefabricated homes, pavilions and other structures. It teamed up with 82 of the world’s most prolific artists and designers, from Zaha Hadid to Jean Nouvel. The Estate will be speaking in-depth with Robbie in an exclusive interview to discuss plans for Africa and the many innovations to come.

The Estate has sealed a partnership for Africa with Revolution Precarfted in a number of key territories.

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